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Kairon 3.5 3.5.12
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Kairon 3.5 3.5.12

Publisher:Kilian Sternad
Language:English, German, Japanese
Requirements:Mac OS X Panther (Version 10.3++)
Install:Install Only
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Publisher's Description:

Kairon 3.5 - Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Astrology Calculation Software in German, English and Japnese (all in one file)

Astronomical Calculations: SwissEphemeris by Astrodienst Zuerich

Atlas: ACS Astro Communication Service in Sandiego, CA

- Mini Atlas with over 9.000 locations (default)

- Full Atlas with over 250.000 locations (an additional 5MB download)

- full support of daylight saving times worldwide!

File Format: AAF database files: a document can hold any number of charts

Graphic output: rendered via apples Quartz system in pdf

Compiled: xcode, written in Cocoa and C

kinds of charts: (all combinable)

topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric,

tropical, sidereal (supporting 21 different Anayamsas),

21 supported aspects, 60 defaulted Objects,

11 user definable asteroids: (by list of over 11400 objects)

11 user definable arabic points: (by list of over 300)

18 popular house systems: Solar, Null, Koch, Placidus...

glyphs: free choice of any font and any color

preferences: are set independent of chart data

output of data: .pdf, .eps, .tif, .aaf, .txt, .rtf

partner features: synastry, composite, combine, overlaying and rotating of transparent chart windows

transits: graphic and text with stepper and search function

harmonics: a stepper will step through 78 harmonics, in addition any number can be entered

progressions: by birthday and by indexday

directions: primary, secondary

solar return (inside and outside), lunar return (inside and outside), planetars

firdaria, profections, 90° graphic (Hamburger), midpoints

eclipses: solar (local and global), lunar (global)

occultations: all planets and asteroids that are shaded by the moon are calculated

texteditor: built in, can deal with rtf and plain text

aspectarium: shows the orbis and if applying or separating,

the graphic lines show the strength of an aspect by means of thickness

support: via apple help, via tutorial (under construction) and via forum

List of Changes:

Version 3.5.12 from 2006-03-20


Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrology Calculation Software

Download Now
File Size: 7.7 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Kefito 2010-08-19 04:40:35 #
Version: 3.5.12

This program is really useful.Thank you

Cfriske 2009-05-13 00:54:59 #
Version: 3.5.12

Greate software and easy to use. It has so much features and so many possibilities to customize the output. Really great.

gavin999 2008-01-13 08:50:01 #
Version: 3.5.12

Good, works ok, I really like it thank you.

It's ok. Seems to work well.
It was a natural transition from the 1960s Mod movement. The Mods were hijacked by the middle classes, and the Beatniks - before they turned into hippies. So the younger Mods hardened their image, wore stuff.
The middle classes wouldn't - donkey jackets and boots. They cut their hair shorter than anyone else, and after a football riot they were dubbed 'Skinheads' by the tabloid the Sun newspaper. Originally they'd just called themselves 'hard Mods'.

Ole Engholm 2007-01-18 06:15:29 #
Version: 3.5.12

Preliminary feedback

Very satisfied with the horoscope graphics, very easy to read, just as I was very fond of your old version, which I have used for years on my older Macs.
The functionality: Entering of data is not quite unambiguous (eindeutig, klar). Had to experiment for a while to find out. Especially the entering of the geographical data is confusing,Try it out on a novice user, watch where he stops!
The user guideline: Is actually a summary of a user guideline.

The program is fine for people who are well informed about astrology beforehqand, not for novices.

Compaired with other astrological programs on the market, especially for PC's, with comprehensive interpretations(of various quality) included in the program package, the price for your program seems rather expensive.

Tasks: I use it to produce horoscopes, which I then interpret.
The horoscope graphics are just fine.

river 2006-11-09 04:07:36 #
Version: 3.5.12

OS X compatible?

IS this program OS 10.4 compatible? I couldn't get it to load properly.

Download Now
File Size: 7.7 Mb